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  • Ray-Ban Clubround RB4246: an Icon renewed

    Ray-ban Clubround RB4246 Ray-ban Clubround RB4246

    Ray-Ban it’s well known for its iconic glasses (Aviator, Wayfarer, Round, Clubmaster) that are born thanks to the spirit of adventure and research that has always characterized the brand.

    Ray-ban has created over time models that have become icons of timeless style thanks to the peculiarity of their shapes and innovation that has kept them always current, by renewing the materials, finishes and small details that make unique every model by Ray-Ban.

    One of the most popular ever models is the "Round", with round lenses, has been chosen by many artists, that overtime have become icons themselves. With so many famous endorsement this model has transformed itself into an icon of free thought. On this basis, however, a problem arises: how do you renew the circle, symbol of perfection, trying to give him a fresh and trendy look? Simply adding to the "Round" the chic character of the “Clubmaster”, characterized by the emphasis on the top of the mount: its famous acetate brow.

    rb4246 clubroundThe new  creation by the US sunglasses brand is the Ray-BanClubround RB4246, that thanks to the fusion of classic and trendy is able to add even more character to an iconic model. The design features the rounded panthos shape with Clubmaster-inspired acetate brows, together with metal rims and bridges. Ideal for intellectuals and bohemians who seek new means of expression and find that Clubround has what was missing: a dynamic round frame with a modern look and unmistakable retro-inspired allure.

    Worn by the elite of the seventh art, from Bruce Willis to Tim Roth passing by Michael Douglas, the Clubmaster is a myth in the world of eye-wear. Ray-Ban has played the card of reinterpretation in rounded version of a myth: the essence remains the same what changes is the shape of the glasses. The Clubround model follows in the footsteps of his older brothers, but manages to surprise with its timeless charm.

    The original style of this particular model is emphasized by the choice of lenses and special finishes, both of which contribute to its uniqueness.

    The last-born of Ray Ban will adapt to any situation, from a marriage on a Californian beach to a professional meeting in the middle of the city. From the classic tortoiseshell version, which directly carries the elegance CineCittà on your nose, to the electric blue version which is much more funky, this new classic will allow to play the card of eccentricity without ever leaving the paths of style.

    Ray-Ban Clubround RB4246 is available in three different colors: Black, Avana, an original embossed effect and the stunning Tortoiseshell. There are 3 different colors alternative as regards the avana and the embossed effect.

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  • Summer 2016. Mirrored sunglasses fans gallery

    This is the summer of Mirrors!

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which are the fairest sunglasses of them all?

    This summer 2016, mirrored sunnies are ruling the land, with their appealing rainbow-reflective lenses as well as big celeb following. These days, stars are dressing up their dressed-down off-duty appearances with hologram-like pairs that shift in color at every angle. Most importantly, they include that touch of cool to any type of clothing for any kind of offered occasion.

    It seems that this summer, more than the last one, mirroored sunglasses are ruling over. You fan se in the fans gallery that girls expecially are wearing mirrored frames and enjoy posting selfies took with them on.Just what are these shades and also how did they come to be what they are today? The truth is that Mirrorshades, as the sunglasses are called, are commonly associated with law enforcement and also federal government officials for a valid factor.

    What are Mirrorshades

    Mirrorshades are sunglasses with a reflective optical covering on the outside of the lenses making them appear like little mirrors. The mirror covering can lower anywhere from 10%-60% of the light that travels through as well as makes contact with your eyes. Mirrorshades are wonderful sunglasses for any person that invests a lot of their time outdoors, possibly also on a motorcycle or in an auto for 8 or more hours daily.

    However, Mirrorshades serve a greater purpose than simply protecting the eye. These sunglasses prevent an additional individual from making eye call with the user. The mirrors are produced so that an onlooker will only fulfill his very own reflection when trying to look right into the eyes behind a set of Mirrorshades.

    It is therefore that mirrored sunglasses have come to be prominent sunglasses for police officers of law enforcement as well as armed force. Their popularity with law enforcement agent in the USA has earned them the label "police shades". Similar to an examination room, a suspect is tense by checking out a home window as well as being not able to see that or what is looking back at him. It is likewise therefore that Mirrorshades are frequently favored by competitive texas hold'em players.

    The sunglasses most frequently put on by police as well as military are Aviators. The armed forces released the sunglasses to their aviators to protect them while they flew. From there a fixture among sunglass designs was developed.

    This design of sunglasses is composed of either one or two smooth, semi-circular lenses that cover the eyes and also appear like the shape of safety glasses. Wraparound sunglasses are fairly prominent in the world of severe sportings.

    The Mirrorshades are produced with a layer outside of the lenses of the sunglasses. The finishing could vary from a quite basic kind comprised of a single layer of very slim movie right to a more thick, more reflective type. The thinner layer of movie could be very likely to damage with marginal pressure, as well as is delicate to seawater. These sunglasses need to be treated with the utmost treatment.

    While these sunglasses may be a lot more costly, you typically obtain exactly what you pay for when acquiring sunglasses. Choose sensibly and educate yourself on sunglasses before deciding which ones to acquire.

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  • Prepare for Summer 2016 with Hot Sunglasses

    Double bridge woman sunglasses Double bridge woman sunglasses

    Sunglasses are crucial as a summer accessory! They have actually been popular for a very long time, not just to protect your eyes, but additionally to finish your style declaration. When the sun is intense we put on sunglasses all through the year. Sunglasses are even more valuable in the summertime due to the fact that it is a time for leisure as well as recreation.

    Sunglasses supply crucial security for your eyes. Whether you have several economical pairs or one excellent pair, there are certain everythings to look for when you get sunglasses. Seek glasses that obstruct 99% ultraviolet rays.

    UV Defense

    Long term direct exposure to UV rays can be unsafe to the eyes and have been linked to eye disease. Individuals with eye disease, such as macular weakening or retinal dystrophies should safeguard their eyes when they go outside. Individuals that have actually had cataract surgical treatment may need additional defense as well.

    Mirrored sunglasses provide alleviation from glare but not necessarily UV protection. In many everyday conditions you could use sunglasses with a medium darkness.

    Polarized glasses reduce mirrored glare such as sunshine mirroring off water, pavement, or snow. They could additionally be integrated with UV security and are excellent for driving and fishing. The wraparound design is valuable in keeping UV rays from getting in the eyes from the sides.

    Acquiring Sunglasses Online

    There are many on the internet websites that offer great deals on brand name sunglasses. There are specialty online shops that offer quality products at price cut prices. You could obtain a good deal on Oakley, Smith, Ray Ban, Persol, Costa del Mar, and also Dior sunglasses.

    You could discover any type of style to fit your needs. There are sporting activities sunglasses and safety glasses offered for all range of sporting activities. There are sunglasses as well as safety glasses for water and also snow sports, such as snowboarding and also fishing. There are likewise glasses for baseball, golf, tennis, shooting as well as cycling. You will additionally find fitovers to use for your preferred tasks. Whatever your choice, you will have limitless options online.

    Persol PO0714 985/57 Persol PO0714 985/57

    Awaiting Summer 2016

    While you are shopping online for sunglasses, you could also locate fantastic devices to choose them. There are clips and also holders and bags to shield your glasses and prevent their loss. There are also flotation cords and packs to keep them risk-free while you enjoy your favorite water sporting activities!

    Begin by buying sunglasses to fit your activities as well as way of life. When summer season comes, you will certainly be prepared to appreciate enjoyable in the sun!


  • Tom Ford Jennifer FT0008 Sunglasses Review

    Sometimes a new look completely different comes in, and take every glaze of sunglasses lovers and fashion addicted. This is the case of Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses (house code FT0008).

    If you frequent any of the most popular sunglasses sale sites you probably already recognize that the Whitney and Jennifer styles are sometimes omitted from any Tom Ford sunglasses sales, and with good reason.  They are among the foremost fashionable Tom Ford designs created and are a true topseller among female celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss recently spotted in the Jennifer shades.

    The Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses can’t be described as any one kind of glasses. They certainly aren’t aviators or navigators, and they aren’t Wayfarers. They aren’t huge, oversized glasses that cowl most of the face. They’re different from all of that. Tom Ford does associate wonderful job of making sleek and delightful shades that manage to be attractive with little or no elegance and circumstance.

    Great For All Faces

    Jennifer frames are a pefect choice for those with slender or tiny faces. They won’t offend your face bringing you that bug look that usually comes by with oversize glasses, in fact they'll work with almost about each face form.

    Tom Ford Jennifer FT0008

    Tom Ford Jennifer in dept

    Jennifer come in four completely different color and lens mixtures. You can get them in brown gradient, light grey, rust brown and shiny black. Each of the colours has the power to match any hair or colouring, so no-one is excluded from this style.

    These sunglasses ar sleek however not super fashionable, so they won’t be obsolete during a year around. That’s good news as a result of they're not low-cost. At just beneath £200, they are not the foremost big-ticket glasses on the market, but they ar not cheap enough that several individuals will afford to switch them each year.

    In spite of the fact that we've previously stated,  keep mind these shades were intended to be littler in the current style, so they are tight on bigger heads. In case you're one of those individuals, who gets awfully uncomfortable once you have weight on your nose, these glasses may not be ideal for you.

    We cherish the way the edges close swimmingly and appearance like one durable piece. We even like the little crevice between the lenses and in this manner the casings inside the fringe. We simply cherish every last bit of it.

    In case you're completely charmed by these stunning glasses, you can make them yours by going by myframesaver.co.uk store.

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  • Tom Ford Snowdon FT0237 Sunglasses. A thrilling topseller

    James Bond's Tom Ford FT0239 Snowdon featured in Spectre Movie James Bond's Tom Ford FT0239 Snowdon featured in Spectre Movie

    All James Bond fashion lovers should know that Daniel Craig wore Tom Ford Snowdon FT0237 sunglasses in the last SPECTRE movie.

    The sunglasses are worn in the Rome funeral scene.

    This is the third James Bond movie in Daniel Craig wears Tom Ford sunglasses. In 2008 blockbuster Quantum of Solace he chose Tom Ford Marko FT0108 sunglasses, that had been released in a limited James Bond collection along with a unique case. The model went sold out, so Tom Ford and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios decided to renew thair cohoperation in the third Craig 's 007 movie, SkyFall, featuring Tom Ford Marko FT0144.

    James Bond's Tom Ford FT0144 Marko featured in Skyfall James Bond's Tom Ford FT0144 Marko featured in Skyfall Movie

    To those arguing about what is the color of the Snowdon model in spectre, it is for sure 52N Havana with standard grey lenses, even if they seem to turn to brown on the photos. This was also confirmed by the Christie's Auction in February 2016, where a Hanava pair was offered, size 50, one of four pairs worn by Bond on set in Rome.

    Tom Ford Snowdon FT0237 is sold in two sizes: 50 and 52. James Bond is wearing the smaller size 50, that is perfect for her face. Nice looking and definitely cool they can be easily distinguished.

    Bond also wears another pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in Spectre movie, the Henry Vintage Wayfarer model.



  • 20 mirrored sunglasses models for spring summer 2016

    Mirrored Sunglasses

    Sunglasses with a mirrored coating on the lenses are called mirrored sunglasses. The coating is always done on a tinted lens, in order to preserve the mirrored effect and affect the lenses bightness with a colored gradient.
    The mirror coating application on the lens is achieved through an advanced technological process where superheated metal oxides are fused to the lens at molecular level to ensure a uniform layer.
    How do reflective sunglasses work ? The coating acts like a real mirror and reflects light away from the eyes. It’s important to note that the tint has no effect on the mirroring ability of the glasses. Continue reading

  • The New Persol Vintage Celebration sunglasses and eyeglasses collection

    PO0649 Persol vintage celebration2015 Persol vintage celebration 2015 model range

    The inspiration came from the extraordinaryItaliancraft heritage. The result is Persol Vintage Celebration, an exclusive and iconic new acetate sunglasses collection based on the classical PO0649 and PO0714 models. 12 different colors and textures combination for the perfect frame for man. Continue reading

  • Jessica Alba in new DG4268 Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

    Jessica Alba in DG4268 dolce & Gabbana sunglasses Jessica Alba in DG4268 Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

    Jessica Alba is a well known sunglasses lover in Hollywood. Could it be the Californian weather, could it be her being a fashion addicted, the fact is that she is a real role model for woman sunglasses stlyles. 

    We can see Jessica in this pic wearing the new DG4268 Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses over a  simple jeans and shirt outfit. Her oval face is perfect for most frame types, so we can see her wearing perfectly square glasses, wayfarer glasses and round glasses like these. Continue reading

  • Persol Eyeglasses PO3125V. The elegance of Reflex Edition

    Persol Eyeglasses PO3125V Persol Eyeglasses PO3125V

    Strong of a tradition rooted in the pastime but focused in product innovation,  Persol Eyeglasses models are visionaries that transformed the essential character of contemporary life in new forms. The Persol eyeglasses Reflex Edition is an example of this design philosophy: refined design for a generation of glasses designed to be noticed. Continue reading

  • Four new colors and materials for the iconic Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer

    Ray-Ban has recently released the winter collection of its models. The update includes new colors and new material combinations for its iconic models RB2140 Wayfarer RB3025 Aviator Large Metal and RB2132 New Wayfarer.
    We see in this article what brings us the major sunglasses, in time for Christmas and the winter holidays.

    Ray-Ban continues new materials testings

    2015 has seen a great revolution at Ray-Ban: the adoption of new materials for its iconic frames coating (Wayfarer RB2140 and RB2132 New Wayfarer) like denim and leather. With the summer update, denim, which probably gave the best sales results, was declined in nuanches colored models 11653C (Orange), 11663M (green) and 1167S5 (violet). Now, continuing on the road of denim, here are the four new Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer, conceived for the winter season. Continue reading

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